Facial Line Softening administered in Hartford

Restore your skins natural perfection with facial line softening from our expert team at The Beeches Clinic. From our clinic’s discreet location in Hartford, Cheshire our qualified medical practitioners oversee advanced facial line softening that can help stop the ageing process in its tracks. Using sophisticated techniques and industry-leading products, we create results of exquisite subtlety that boosts your natural beauty with a fresh, renewed glow. to schedule an initial consultation to find out more.

 Facial Line Softening

Botulinum Toxin Type A, otherwise known as Botox, is a purified protein which works by blocking the transmission of signals from the nerve ending to the muscle, temporarily relaxing movement thus softening the appearance of dynamic facial lines and wrinkles. The upper third of the face is where the best treatment results are obtained, commonly for the reduction in crow’s feet around the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows (frown lines).
Facial Line Softening is a prescription only medicine and therefore must be prescribed by a qualified health professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients notice the effects after the first five days, with results taking up to 2 weeks to reach their maximum effect.

Results typically last for around three to four months.

No, the needles we use at The Beeches Clinic are very fine. You may experience some very mild discomfort, but this will not last for more than a few seconds.

The treatment itself generally does not take any longer than 15 minutes. We usually recommend new customers to make a 45 minute appointment.

Botox has no recovery time, so there is actually very little after-care required. For the first two hours after treatment, you should not touch or rub the affected areas. For the following 24 hours, you should avoid vigorous exercise, drinking alcohol and prolonged sun exposure. You can enhance the effects of the treatment immediately afterwards by performing gentle facial exercises.

Some clients may experience very mild swelling, redness or bruising around the injection site, but this generally subsides very quickly. Botox injections are completely safe when administered by a qualified practitioner and over 450,000 such procedures are performed in the UK every year.

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